Are You Ready To Envision A New Future?

Now, more than ever, our future is unknown.

Different people have different ideas about what our future SHOULD be. Those ideas are literally at war.

Whether this is affecting your life directly or indirectly, how much say do you have in creating a future that you want to live in?

If you are looking ahead and don't like what you see, or you can't see anything at all, I invite you into the world of visionary journaling.

Imagine using a creative process combined with guided inquiry that takes you on a journey to deeper self-understanding and introduces you to your unique voice.

Imagine clearing the way to see into your future, maybe one you've not dared to imagine for yourself!

Imagine knowing your next steps and having the confidence to take them.

Is It Possible To Become A Visionary?

The word visionary is a big word and conjures up saintly people having revelations of divine origins, inventors/scientists with wild hair and brilliant minds like Albert Einstein or businessmen who dare to change the way we live like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. But what if anyone has the capacity to see into their own future?

true visionary is someone who uses her imagination to envision what does not yet exist but could. Someone who can envision the future so it can happen, not only her own but the future of humanity as well. I pressure, right? But if there ever was a time when the world needs more visionaries, I'd say that time is now.

Can you learn to be visionary?

My answer is YES! With the proper tools and processes, you can develop this skill.

The one characteristic that most defines a visionary is this: they do not particularly care for rules imposed by other people. They prefer to follow their own internal reference points, to freely create based on their original ideas and imagination.

Most likely, you carry learned behaviors, beliefs and other people's rules that are in the way of your own creative and visionary experience. These are the rules that are no longer applicable to you and must go.

For you to have the fullest experience of Visionary Journaling, you'll want to have access to the fullest expression of yourself. Of course we will all continue to follow rules that have a specific purpose. Our safety relies on following traffic rules for instance.

But many of your personal rules can be eliminated. In their placeyou will establish your own rules, the ones that help you get where you want to go and give you the freedom to create what you want.

How Can I Better Envision My Future?

The tricky part about ideas and visions is their origin. If they come from the conditioned, desperate or needy part of us, they won't be in your best interest. They won't serve your highest good. Visions that come from the authentic part of you are the only ones worth pursuing.

How do you find THOSE?

A couple years ago, I became enamored with visual journaling. This is a creative process that is not about making art, but about taking a journey with art supplies.

As I got deeper into this practice, I began to notice that occasionally a sort of magic would happen on my pages. When I least expected it, answers and solutions would appear to questions that I didn't know I had.

As I dove deeper into this phenomena, I began to understand the power the unconscious holds for us, if only given a proper channel of expression.

If you've ever done any journaling, you may have also experienced this same magic. I wanted to see if I could bring my background as an artist and a coach together to create a process where answers come on a more consistent basis; a process that is as enjoyable as it is productive.

I was looking for a way to help not only better understand ourselves but to apply this understanding to our lives, to solving existing challenges and ultimately to see more clearly into the lives we really want to live.

Through Visionary Journaling, you'll learn to use your words, images, color, paint and pens to escape from perfectionism, become comfortable with that uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what you are doing, explore your real desires and make some new rules for yourself.

You will create your own visionary guide book, a manual for your unique life, the one it would have been nice to have upon birth. Whenever you need inspiration, reminders or confidence, you'll have this handy reference guide created by you for you.

Visionary Journaling will give you the tools to reach for the stars; the ones that have your own dreams and desires written upon them.

Your creative path to a brand new world awaits!

About Me

My name is Linda Hough. I received my first vision at the age of 10. That day in school, we were asked to create artwork for a contest at the local bank. While walking home and thinking about the assignment, a fully formed image popped into my head. When I got home, I pulled out my art supplies, found some pieces of felt and immediately set out to realize this image. It ended up winning 1st place.

Thus began my creative path, though wobbly and not without interruptions, leading me to where I am today.

An unapologetic lifelong learner, book girl and avid fan of Roger Federer, I am living my dream life. Transported by love from California to the south of France where I currently live, I spend my days buried in bottles of paint, piles of magazines and way too many visual journals to count. In other words, my idea of heaven.

Through my own struggles, I’ve learned how to carve a path through the resistance that can crop up at the most inconvenient of times. That first vision was followed by others, but there were also confusing times when I lost my way. From those difficult experiences, I learned how to honor, trust and navigate my way through the creative process, bringing me more joy, confidence and understanding than any other life path could have provided.

Completing an MA in Art, getting certifications from Coaches Training Institute and Lisa Sonora's Creative Journey Facilitator Training are vital parts of my résumé. But equally important is my extreme passion for freeing the creative expression and visionary potential in each and every one of us!

I hope you’ll join me on this Visionary Journaling journey.

What People Are Saying

If you’re looking for more creativity in your life, you’ll find Linda Hough to be a trusted guide. Not only is she an experienced coach, she is an artist and creative entrepreneur traveling her own path, and walking her talk. 

If you have the opportunity to take a workshop with Linda, don’t think twice about it, just jump in! She understands the challenges and opportunities that lie behind every creative dream, and will support you in claiming yours.






Linda Hough has helped me tremendously through her Visionary Journaling process. Her insightful and unique approach made me find my own visionary path. The astute guidance through creative works made my journey both fruitful and fun. It has enabled me to take charge of my own creative process, and has also allowed me a fresh outlook on how my life will be from now on.






Visionary Journaling with Linda helped me connect with a part of myself I thought I'd understood. How can a bull running down a colorful street in Arles with the words 'Beware' lead me to discover this part and make peace with it! Linda showed me how. It's all understood now.