Free Yourself from the Culture of Not-Enoughness

Private 1-1 Sessions Available Now

You'll be guided through the Visionary Journaling process with the intention of diving deeply into who you are at a core level, learning how to trust and let go, developing self-love and self-kindness.

Using simple art materials, you'll focus on a process of self-knowledge that culminates in knowing yourself to be enough, what you are doing and why, and innate satisfaction with the life you are creating.

How This Works

We'll meet by phone or on Skype once a week for an hour. I'll guide you through the processes which include questions and prompts. Some of the work we'll do together. Some you'll do during the week. We'll discuss all the work when we meet.

I'll provide you with a simple 'get started' materials list. Most of the items you probably already have. It's helpful to have computer video capabilities to share your work but you can also email photographs.

An 8 week package will enable you to establish a solid base from which to work and also bring in more personally relevant processes depending on your needs.

Teaching Sample

Some videos will be included to facilitate showing the processes. This leaves more personal time for each session. Please turn up to volume on your computer as the sound is very low.

About Me

My name is Linda Hough. I first experienced the beauty of the creative process at age 10. Asked to create artwork for a contest at the local bank, a fully formed image popped into my head while walking home. I pulled out my art supplies, found some pieces of felt and immediately set out to realize this image. It ended up winning 1st place.

Thus began my creative path, though wobbly and not without interruptions, leading me to where I am today. Transported by love from California to the south of France where I currently live, I spend my days buried in bottles of paint, piles of magazines and way too many visual journals to count. In other words, my idea of heaven.

Through my own struggles, I’ve learned how to honor, trust and navigate my way through the creative process, bringing me more joy, confidence and understanding than any other life path could have provided.

Completing an MA in Art, getting certifications from Coaches Training Institute and Lisa Sonora's Creative Journey Facilitator Training are vital parts of my résumé. But equally important is my extreme passion for the power of the creative process and visionary potential in each and every one of us!

I hope you’ll join me on your own private Visionary Journaling journey to enoughness.

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8 Week Private Package

included 8 private 1-1 60-minutes sessions
instructional videos + lessons


or 3 Payment Option ~ $277 for 3 months

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If you have any questions or would like to schedule a call to see if this program is right for you, please email me.


What People Are Saying

If you’re looking for more creativity in your life, you’ll find Linda Hough to be a trusted guide. Not only is she an experienced coach, she is an artist and creative entrepreneur traveling her own path, and walking her talk.  If you have the opportunity to take a workshop with Linda, don’t think twice about it, just jump in! She understands the challenges and opportunities that lie behind every creative dream, and will support you in claiming yours.





Linda Hough has helped me tremendously through her Visionary Journaling process. Her insightful and unique approach made me find my own visionary path. The astute guidance through creative works made my journey both fruitful and fun. It has enabled me to take charge of my own creative process, and has also allowed me a fresh outlook on how my life will be from now on.





Visionary Journaling with Linda helped me connect with a part of myself I thought I'd understood. How can a bull running down a colorful street in Arles with the words 'Beware' lead me to discover this part and make peace with it! Linda showed me how. It's all understood now.